Gayatri Agro - Organic & Dairy Farm

Gayatri Agro is an organic certified farmers group, formed by a Pharmacist Mr. Ashwin Baban Rale in the year 2014 with our core mission to empower farmers into Organic & Natural Farming by slowly moving away from pesticide use.

This group was started with 8 farmer's who grew different types of crops and distributed the produce among the locals. After successful feedback from the locals, more farmers joined us and thus increased our produce list.

After getting requests from farmers from different villages, urban and forest areas who wanted to join us, we travelled, met and joined hands with them. Today, Gayatri Agro Group is a group of 84+ farmers from different backgrounds.

In 2018, we started a Desi Gir Cow Goshala with around 350+ cows. All our cows are free grazing cows. We use cow dung as manure for our crops. We supply fresh A2 certified milk, A2 Bilona Gir Ghee and A2 Malai Paneer in India and other countries. All our dairy products are A2 certified.

Today we produce around 200+ organic certified products, A2 certified cow milk & milk products. We support 118+ wholesalers and 50+ retailers across India.

Keeping in mind its high value customers from the USA, Europe, Hongkong & Middle East we have separate areas to store, process and pack products in order to avoid contamination.




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Gayatri Agro - Organic & Dairy Farm's Timeline


Gayatri Agro was born.

A small idea of Gayatri Agro - Organic farm has been formed. Our produce grown in our ancestral land was distributed among family and friends.
Farmers: 1


Coming Together

A small group of 5 farmers came together as a group to sell the produce among locals.
Farmers: 5


Steady Growth Of Gayatri Agro - Organic Farm.

There was steady growth of produce with more farmers joining Gayatri Agro.
Farmers: 18


Joining hands with Organic stores

As more people started knowing about our locally grown produce, Organic store's from Mumbai and Pune started joining hands with Gayatri Agro to buy our produce.
Farmers: 29
Wholesale Clients: 14


Gayatri Agro - Dairy Farm was Born

A Dairy farm was born with Gir cows.
Farmers: 40
Wholesale Clients: 29


Wholesale Client's / Organic stores reached more than 50

As more people started knowing about our A2 certified dairy and organic products, many joined hands with us.
Farmers: 50
Wholesale Clients: 61



During the time of COVID, many farmers came together to send produce to Mumbai and Pune as the majority of the transportation services were not in service. These were very tough times for all of us.


Spectacular growth in Gayatri Agro - Organic & Dairy Farm

A spectacular growth was seen post COVID as it has shown the importance of health and wellbeing. This is reflected in choices made by individuals by choosing healthy food over processed food. We are now a family of 85+ Farmers and 118+ Wholesale Clients
Farmers: 85+
Wholesale Clients: 118+

Gayatri Agro - founder & team member

Gayatri Agro is formed by a Pharmacist, Mr. Ashwin Baban Rale in the year 2014 with our core mission to empower farmers into Organic Farming.

Ashwin Rale
Farmer & Founder (Gayatri Agro)
Sai Chand
Marketing & Business Head